C151 Cils 01

‘Sign & seal’ durable laboratory labels

Laboratory labelling experts CILS have developed high performance ‘sign & seal’ durable laboratory labels for situations where the users do not have the facility to print labels using a thermal transfer or laser printer. The new CILS ‘sign & seal’ labels allows the user to handwrite information and then protect the label with the attached, easy-toapply, ‘wipe clean’ over-laminate layer. The durable labels shown protect handwritten data against solvents (xylene, DMSO, etc.), extreme temperatures (-80ºC to +155 ºC), alcohol wipes, autoclave cycles, repeated handling, humidity and moisture, etc. CILS durable labels are manufactured to any size, shape, format and design for all laboratory applications and are easily transportable – ideal for ‘off-site’ clinical trials.

Supplier: Cils International

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