Single- and multi-parameter ELISA/IFA/BLOT automated assay processors

The ELITE range of ELISA/IFA/BLOT automated processors includes various instrument configurations accommodating 2 to 4 ELISA plates, 16 to 40 IFA slides and 24 to 48 blot strips.
The work-area is configured for easy handling of samples, reagents and dilution trays. Independent built-in incubators with individual temperature settings for each microplate are featured as well as independent built-in shakers with settings for frequency and time. ELISA protocols include standard, antigen profiles and multi-dilution assays with overnight capability. Microplates are fixed and never moved during the processing phases. IFA-slides processing is performed well by well, with two independent needles. A proprietary effective washing mode utilizes a drop by drop multi-well flow system.

Supplier: D a S S.r.l.

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