C442 ROCHE Cobas Infinity 3

Software advances lab integration

Roche recently announced the release of cobas infinity 3.0, its proven global lab software solution  to help diagnostic laboratories maintain high operational performance, quality, integration and security within their labs across multiple locations.
One new feature further improves the intelligent routing of samples in high volume testing labs by dynamically adapting to changing lab conditions, such as priority testing, to reduce time to results. New improved quality control features ensure that the highest quality results are reported consistently, while new monitoring features secure high performance and stability of analysers and reagents 24/7 without additional costs. Finally, the addition of more work areas for different clinical laboratory disciplines (such as molecular, hematology, coagulation, etc.) enable lab staff to focus on what matters most to them. Additional features include an easy-to-use interface that allows lab technicians to customize and personalize their lab environment set-up across multiple sites.
The cobas infinity lab software management solution helps laboratories integrate a wide range of key processes along the patient journey from ordering diagnostic tests to actual test results. It does this while automating the entire sample flow and bringing meaningful insights for informed decision making about patient care and treatment options.

Supplier: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

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