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SP Scienceware launches ProCulture product line for cell culture

SP Scienceware has introduced ProCulture, a new workflow-minded product line for cell culture from Bel-Art and Wilmad-LabGlass brands, which covers multiple steps of the cell culture process from isolation to harvesting. Products include an array of Shaker Flasks, Spinner Flasks with a unique impeller that increases aeration and eliminates dead spots, and an Orbital Shaker Platform that converts an existing magnetic stir plate into an orbital shaker at a fraction of the cost of an orbital shaker.
Kathleen Hanek, Portfolio Manager for SP Scienceware, said: “The ProCulture line includes products that can simplify researchers’ cell culture experiments. It includes tried and true items such as shaker flasks and storage racks as well as products you can’t find anywhere else.”
A catalogue of products is available here
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