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Specific proteins tests for urine samples

Urine testing provides unique information pertaining to a multiple series of renal and extra-renal diseases.
Based on immunoturbidimetric technology, a new line of specific proteins urinary tests from Sclavo Diagnostics uses liquid, ready-to-use reagents in various packaging formats. It includes:
Bence Jones Proteinuria, which provides measurement of free and bound K and λ light chains in liquid chemistry and may be useful in the overall evaluation of tubular damages;
(Micro) Albuminuria, a strong marker of glomerular damages, is a most valuable indication for diabetes, arterial hypertension and gravidic gestosis, in addition to renal diseases; ∝-1-Microglobulin and β-2-Microglobulin efficiently detect any tubular damages and their increased level can additionally help identifying Bence Jones Proteinuria; Immunoglobulins G in urine helps the diagnosis, in the presence of albuminuria, of all forms of primary and advanced secondary glomerular disease; Transferrin is useful in pathologies such as renal failure, especially in case of glomerular deficiencies: by assaying urinary albumin and transferrin, it is possible to gain information on electric charge selectivity since both proteins have similar sizes but a different charge.

Supplier: Sclavo Diagnostics International

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