C247 Sekisui FCP INSIDE 01

Syphilis rapid tests

The SEKURE TPLA (treponemal) and RPR (non-treponemal) reagents are fully automated, quantitative latex immunoturbidimetric assays that may be used as an aid in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of syphilis. These tests are rapid with a 10 minute protocol, efficient, easy to use, and fully automated making them ideal for screening. TPLA and RPR can be run on any clinical chemistry platform (including the company’s SK500 instrument) allowing for rapid reflex testing of multiple test samples. The tests correlate with traditional methods (TPHA/ RPR Card test) and the RPR test is standardized to the WHO International Standard for Syphilitic Human Serum which will aid in standardizing results. Additionally, the RPR results are quantitative, providing a tool to aid physicians in treating syphilis and monitoring therapy.

Supplier: Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC

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