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Take a 360° look at your medical biology practice at the JIB congress

Attend the Innovation Days in Biology (JIB) and stay connected to the scientific, technical, professional and organizational developments of medical biology. Medical biology is essential to the health of our fellow citizens, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, scientists are continually looking for innovation. There are many hot topics expected at the event in Paris in November, including a new three-year agreement, access to care and many others.

17-18 November 2023
Innovation Days in Biology

Porte Maillot, Paris, France

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The Innovation Days in Biology (JIB) event brings together technological and medical advances in in vitro diagnostics.

The congress offers a range of scientific conferences that enable biologists to stay on top of research developments and innovation, and to understand the full scope of the role they can play in patient care.

This year the JIB will be optimising its organisation and concepts to include: scientific conferences, workshops, meetings and an exhibition. The JIB is also, and will continue to be, a convivial meeting place for medical biologists and all those involved in in vitro diagnostics.

360° vision

The JIB will also provide a 360° view of the issues surrounding medical biology, both in the city and in the hospital, including: funding, accelerated digitalisation with the arrival of artificial intelligence, the development of biological data, the organisation of technical platforms, accreditation, coordination with other healthcare professionals in the region, the role of reports,patient relations, etc.

Issues linked to digitisation will feature prominently at the congress alongside the scientific themes. Medical biology laboratories are incorporating more and more innovations that will transform the role of each stakeholder in the sector. For example, with the exploitation of patients’ biological data, biologists will be in a better position to advance the field of preventive healthcare.

Evolution of biologists’ missions

Dr François Blanchecotte, President of the JIB, commented: “After a time of restructuring, followed by mobilisation in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the time has come to enter a new phase in the development of our medical speciality, which is still often poorly known and misunderstood by public authorities. Our future will only be guaranteed if we put the spotlight back on the innovations and solutions that we can provide to improve the health of populations.”

At the heart of improving health

As Dr Blanchecotte pointed out: “Medical biology and the players in our sector hold one of the keys to enabling us to continue to improve the state of health of the population in the future, while keeping healthcare costs under control.”

A force generated by the combination of innovations from in vitro diagnostic companies, expertise of medical biologists and territorial network of medical biology laboratories.

“These are fantastic tools for public health policies… totally under-exploited in most countries,” said Dr Blanchecotte.

The JIBs are also a showcase, the place to demonstrate the immense usefulness of medical biology for the health of populations.

Promoting medical biology

Indeed, biologists with their partners and suppliers have a complete job, between technology and high-level research. It is an extremely rich and varied profession and, despite the difficulties in understanding their role on the part of supervisory authorities, we must never forget to show it to the younger generations who will take over.

“We need to question the way we talk about our specialty,”  says Dr Blanchecotte. “We must show the achievements, the potential and, above all, succeed in changing the view of our leaders who very often see us only as a cost centre, whereas we are a very important medical resource serving patients and a lever for efficiency in the health system.”

See you on 17 and 18 November at Porte Maillot in Paris.