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Tecan’s Resolvex i300 set to streamline proteomics workflows

Tecan is expanding its leading portfolio for specialist applications with the upcoming launch of Resolvex i300 and its antibody purification columns, AffinEx Protein A Capture. The products deliver new levels of efficiency and precision to proteomics workflows, including biomarker discovery, drug development and personalized medicine research.

Proteomics laboratories have long struggled with tedious sample preparation, as well as the need to process large numbers of samples quickly and efficiently while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

The Resolvex i300, scheduled for launch in the first half of this year, is a positive pressure module for solid phase extraction (SPE) and filtration, specifically designed to address all these challenges. Integrated into the Fluent Automation Workstation, it enables the automation of every step of the sample purification process, including clean-up, evaporation and resuspension. This ensures the integrity and consistency of each sample while the instrument’s unique droplet-protection feature reduces the risk of cross-contamination during labware handling. Designed for use in various fields – including proteomics, genomics and analytical chemistry – the Resolvex i300 can easily be changed between 24- and 96-well labware formats and is particularly useful for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)-based applications.

Tecan Resolvex i300

Another exciting addition to Tecan’s portfolio for proteomics is the AffinEx Protein A Capture column. This novel antibody purification sorbent is stable, wet or dry, at room temperature, which significantly extends its shelf life and also reduces shipping costs. Available in a Narrow Bore Extraction (NBE) format, AffinEx columns are ideally suited for use with the Resolvex i300, though they can be used with other automation platforms. The columns are specifically tailored to the biopharma industry and promise unparalleled efficiency for the isolation and purification of monoclonal antibodies.

Luca Valeggia, Senior Vice President of Lab Automation at Tecan, said: “Tecan has established a strong reputation in automating proteomics workflows. Resolvex i300 and AffinEx Protein A Capture are exciting additions to our portfolio, enabling us to address a broad range of customer needs, from low- to high-throughput, in both research and clinical settings. As demand for this challenging application grows, we are committed to continuous innovation that supports our customers in their efforts to understand the mechanisms of disease and develop reliable diagnostics and treatments for patients.”

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