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Testa Analytical unveils high performance MALS detector for studying proteins

The BI-MwA Multi-Angle Light Scattering (MALS) system from Testa Analytical Solutions e.K. is a high-performance detector for studying proteins or polymers in solution as well as investigating aggregation, oligomerization, and complex formation.

If you are looking to determine absolute molecular weights of proteins and polymers quickly and accurately, the BI-MwA MALS has the highest performance/price ratio of any light scattering detector. Using the system allows you to eliminate SEC/GPC column calibration and improve your data quality.

The BI-MwA is simple to use but incorporates sophisticated features. Simply inject your sample into the low-volume, 7-angle flow cell. The sample is illuminated by a temperature stabilized, precision power-controlled diode laser. The stable, high-sensitivity, low-noise CCD detector automatically collects the scattered light. Software then extrapolates the data to zero angle to enable precise absolute molecular weight determination.

Compact in design, the flow path of the BI-MwA is vertical avoiding trapped bubbles – a problem commonly associated with horizontal light scattering systems. The flow cell inside the BI-MwA has no sharp corners, only conical shapes meaning previously analysed samples are much more easily flushed out.