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The next generation portable diagnostic (immunofluorescence assay) system

The i-chromaTM Reader is a portable scanning instrument for measuring the concentration of target analytes in human blood; urine and other specimens.
The system consists of fluorescence readers and test cartridges and can be used to screen cardiac diseases; cancers; diabetes; infectious diseases and hormonal disorders.

  • Cardiac tests are: Troponin; D-Dimer; CK-MB; Myoglobin and HsCRP.
  • Cancer tests are: PSA; AFP; CEA and iFOB.
  • Diabetes tests are: HbA1C and Microalbumin.
  • Hormone tests are: Cortisol; hCG; B-HCG; LH; TSH; T3; T4; Prolactin; Testosterone; FSH; Progesterone and Vitamin D 25 (OH) D.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis tests are: RF(IgM) and ASO.
  • Infection tests are: CRP; HsCRP and Procalcitonin.
  • A number of the tests can be carried out using whole blood and therefore no separation is required.  These are: Troponin; CK-MB; Myoglobin; HsCRP; PSA; AFP; HbA1C; Cortisol; RF(IgM) and CRP.

All products are CE marked

Dimensions: 250x185x80 mm
Weight: 1.2 kgs
Interface: RS232 (serial port)
Key pads: 5 function keys
LIS/HIS connection via PC
Thermal printer (optional)

Supplier: JB Consulting (MDP) Ltd. UK

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