Randox Quality Control

The only way to ensure accuracy at the Point-of-Care

Although many POCT devices offer ‘built in’ QC, a truly independent, unbiased assessment of system performance is only possible through the use of third party controls, something that is reflected by ISO 15189 guidelines. 
As a leading provider of complete quality control solutions, Randox manufacture a range of highly convenient quality controls ideally suited to POCT due to their liquid stable, ready-to-use format and easy storage. Combining multiple parameters at clinically significant levels in a single control material not only enables test menu consolidation but can help to reduce time and costs. Principle control products include the Acusera Liquid Cardiac Control covering 8 commonly tested cardiac markers, the Acusera Blood Gas Control containing 10 parameters in total and the Acusera Urinalysis Control comprising a total of 13 parameters.

Supplier: Randox Laboratories Ltd.
Website: http://www.randox.com/liquid-qc.php

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