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The PAP-8E – The Gold Standard for Platelet Aggregation

The PAP-8E from Bio/Data Corporation is the world’s most advanced 8 channel aggregometer for clinical, research and pharma laboratories as well as clinical trials. Exceptional ease of use and standardized test procedures allow for rapid and routine testing of platelet function. New features include On Demand Optical Calibration Check, Unlimited User Defined Test Types, Washed Platelet Sample Type, Adjustable Temperature Settings, Convenient Database Backup & Recovery, and Enhanced Password Protection.  The system measures the rate and extent of aggregation, agglutination, activation and inhibition reactions. Comprehensive results include primary aggregation and slope, secondary aggregation and slope, area under the curve, lag phase, disaggregation and maximum aggregation. The PAP-8E is designed to support diagnoses of hemostasis disorders including von Willebrand Disease (vWD), Glanzmann’s disease, HIT, Bernard Soulier Syndrome, and Sticky Platelet Syndrome as well as to precisely monitor the use of anti-platelet drugs during clinical trials or patient therapy.

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