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Thermo Fisher Scientific unveils new TSX Universal Series ULT Freezers

Building on 80 years of expertise engineering cold storage lab equipment, Thermo Fisher Scientific has unveiled its newest line of high performance, ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers. With enhancements to performance, user experience and energy efficiency, the Thermo Scientific TSX Universal Series ULT Freezers seamlessly adapt to scientists’ workflows across a variety of lab settings, marking a new era in performance, reliability, and sustainability.

Laboratories require reliable and effective cold storage solutions for their samples, often at a very specific temperature range, to advance critical research, adequately store samples or accelerate the development of new therapies. With Universal V-Drive technology, tighter control, faster recovery times, universal voltage, and an expanded setpoint range, the TSX Universal Series seamlessly adapts to diverse workflows, from high-use academic labs to longer-term storage facilities. Delivering both industry leading performance and energy efficiency, the TSX Universal Series allows labs to meet their sustainability goals without sacrificing performance.

Thermo Fisher ULTFreezer

“With the advancement of new therapeutic technologies and tighter regulatory focus on the pharmaceutical cold chain, there’s a clear need for enhanced and manageable cold storage solutions across a variety of settings,” said Carlos Sevilla, vice president and general manager, Controlled Temperature Technologies at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Following extensive research and development, we’re proud to launch the next generation TSX Universal Series of ULTs, enabling high-use academic labs, GMP labs and long-term storage facilities to use the same unit throughout diverse workflows while supporting their own sustainability goals.”

TSX Universal Series ULT freezers undergo rigorous long-term reliability testing, having undergone +5400 combined days of continuous reliability testing in the field and laboratory environments to help ensure each unit meets Thermo Fisher Scientific’s stringent quality standards. ENERGY STAR certified and produced in a Zero-Waste to Landfill certified facility, the TSX Universal Series ULT freezers are designed with sustainability in mind and provide easy-to-use information about the products’ environmental impact through the ACT label program, run by the non-profit organization My Green Lab.

For the first time, the TSX Series ULT platform offers medical device units, to store and preserve blood and blood products at freezing temperatures between -40°C to -86°C for users operating in GMP or qualified environments. By obtaining ISO Class 5.5 cleanroom designation for TSX Universal Series ULT freezers, cell and gene therapy customers can have confidence in the cleanliness and control of their storage environments. Additionally, customers can benefit from an industry-leading warranty and global service support through Unity Lab Services.

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