C439 STAGO ST Genesia

Thrombin generation now available in laboratories

The new ST Genesia analyser is designed to automate and standardize results for thrombin generation. For laboratories, this is a significant step forward for assisting with assessment of thrombotic and hemorrhagic risks in patients.
ST Genesia is an automated analyser, based on the same principles as the CAT system, which measures thrombin generation. Designed to support clinical applications in the lab, the key difference between systems is that CAT’s main purpose is for research and development.
ST Genesia aims at standardizing and automating the thrombin generation test in order to make it widely accessible and available for use in in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). ST Genesia is designed to add to the information usually provided by routine tests (TP, TCA, etc.) or specialized tests (Anti-Xa, ECA) and offer an improved assessment of thrombotic and hemorrhagic risks.
A range of reagents specifically developed for ST Genesia is available including STG-ThromboScreen for thrombin generation assessment in patients who are likely to suffer from thrombophilia; STG-BleedScreen for thrombin generation assessment in patients with bleeding risk, such as hemophiliacs; STG-DrugScreen for assessment of the effect of anticoagulants on treated patients, which could be useful for people at risk of drug accumulation (impaired renal function, people over 75, etc.).

Supplier: Stago

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