C285 DIAsource toxo 1

ToRCH ELISA assays

DIAsource ImmunoAssays has announced the CE-IVD certification of 6 parameters of the ToRCH panel: Toxoplasma IgG Elisa # KAPDTOXOG; Toxoplasma IgM Elisa # KAPDTOXOM; CMV IgG Elisa # KAPDCMVG; CMV IgM Elisa # KAPDCMVM; Rubella IgG Elisa # KAPDRUBG; Rubella IgM Elisa # KAPDRUBM. The new assays have a common protocol (only 10µl of sample required) which allows their easy adaptation to most of the common automated ELISA platforms e.g. Stratec Gemini. The “IgG Elisa” are quantitative assays and include one control. The “IgM Elisa” are based on the IgM µ-capture technique, are qualitative assays and include three controls. Moreover, their high diagnostics specificity and sensitivity allow respectively the accurate detection of acute infection and the reduction of false positive cases. Lastly, the colour coded kit reagents offer easy recognition in a manual setting.

Supplier: DIAsource ImmunoAssays

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