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Tosoh Bioscience – Diagnostics EMEA launches AIA-CL300 immunoassay solution

The EURORealTime SARS-CoV-2 from EUROIMMUN is now validated for use with saliva as sample material as an alternative to throat swabs. Collection of saliva specimens is easier and less distressing for patients than taking nasal or throat swabs, especially for children.

Tosoh Bioscience – Diagnostics EMEA has introduced the AIA-CL300, a new compact automated chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay analyzer. This “small giant” – as it is promoted – is the perfect instrument for small to large laboratories to perform routine analysis, cover emergency use, run specific pathologies and esoteric tests and enhance assay analytical speci-
fications. The AIA-CL300 benefits from the sensitivity, and analytical performances of the AIA-CL technology range with improved ease of use.

The new AIA-CL300 desktop device can run in small and large laboratories thanks to its compact size (660 mm height, 640 mm depth and 520 mm width). Its full colour digital touch screen enables better visibility to check the inventory of substrate, washer, and diluent which are easily accessible in front compartments of the instrument. The intuitive “one-touch” assay start – a detector standardization cup – eases the daily check process.


Depending on the assay, the AIA-CL300 can deliver results between 15 minutes (for most analytes) to 35 minutes with a max throughput of 30 tests/hour. Its integrated quality control program with an error-free program automatically checks if reagent cup corresponds to test required. Its advanced technology and automation processes – auto sample dilution, auto pre-treatment, auto adjuster reconstitution – prevent human error, reduce manual operation and improve laboratory and diagnostic efficiency.

Analytical performance

The AIA-CL300 is a continuous random access automated immunoassay analyser that offers high productivity, excellent analytical sensitivity and precision, and advanced automation features. One unique feature that characterizes the AIA-CL systems is the 1 cup = 1 test concept. This means that all the specific reagents, required to perform one test, are contained inside one cup in a lyophilised form, offering predictable consumption, 90-day calibration stability for all assays, and good traceability of all samples and data.

“AIA-CL300 is designed to produce high quality results 24/7. Its advanced technology and automation processes, improve workflows and turnaround time, reduce hands-on-time, prevent operator introduced variability and improve laboratory and diagnostic efficiency leading to better patient outcomes and treatments” said Dr Dimitrios Giantzoudis, Senior Product Manager, Tosoh Bioscience – Diagnostics EMEA.

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