C310 Elitech

Touch interface software for bench top chemistry systems

The Selectra Touch Pro Software for the Selectra Pro S and Pro M Clinical Chemistry Systems provides touch screen operation with intuitive design and significantly boosts laboratory productivity, reduces errors and offers detailed traceability of results. The smart colour icons guide the operator through the daily operation with minimum effort. Auto validation with 40 laboratory configurable criteria speeds results as qualified test results are sent directly to the LIS and operators can focus on exceptions. Real time individual data are traceable and archived for each result including operator, QC, calibration, control, absorbance, and reagent lot expiration. Reagents, test parameters, calibration and control values are programmed automatically via barcode with inventory tracked in real time. Maintenance tasks are automated, tracked and set up to run when the analyser is not in use. Automated and customizable start and end of day checklists ensure all essential tasks are completed. Remote access diagnostics provide real time support, helping to decrease both downtime and costs. Interactive learning through a dedicated online training website includes maintenance modules to assist operators at all times.


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