TripleTOF mass spectrometer

TripleTOF technology is considered a leading platform for simultaneous qualitative and quantitative analysis, integrating the highest available sensitivity and speed with high resolution and accurate mass to generate better quality information from every sample. The increasing complexity of disease research is among the factors driving the need for a wider range of laboratories worldwide to adopt high-speed, accurate mass-based technology. Developed to bring the groundbreaking functionality of TripleTOF technology to routine analysis, the TripleTOF 4600 is a ‘workhorse’ system delivering unparalleled value for a variety of applications, including high-throughput discovery proteomics. Combining very fast acquisition rates with intelligent acquisition strategies, the benefits of UHPLC separations for high resolution accurate mass MS and MS/MS data are maximised. Routine accurate mass quantitative and qualitative analysis is now available to virtually any laboratory.

Supplier: Sciex

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