C133 Thermo 01

Ultra-low temperature freezer reduces energy usage

This ultra-low temperature freezer is designed to offer laboratories a greener solution: less power consumption, less noise and higher efficiency without compromising the integrity of samples. The Thermo Scientific TSX ultra-low temperature freezer features natural refrigerants for lower environmental impact and higher cooling efficiency. Due to its intuitive design, the TSX freezer uses up to 50 percent less energy than conventional refrigerant ultra-low freezers and delivers temperature uniformity that continuously adapts to a laboratory’s environment. Conventional ultra-low temperature freezers use single-speed compressors that continually cycle on and off , resulting in poor temperature recovery following door openings. The TSX ultra-low temperature freezer is equipped with the unique V-Drive technology. When conditions are stable, the V-Drive is designed to operate at a low speed to reduce energy consumption while maintaining a uniform temperature. When dealing with frequent door openings or when samples are added to the freezer, the control system detects the activity and increases the drive speed to bring temperatures quickly back to the set point. The V-Drive also helps limit sound output to 46 db(A), making the TSX freezer up to 20 times quieter, comparable to a conventional refrigerator. For busy labs, the constant, disruptive noise created by compressors can compromise communications and create a less–than-ideal working environment. The freezer also utilizes water-blown foam insulation, which eliminates the off -gassing typical of urethane-insulated freezers. Additional product features include a 600-box sample capacity to maximize storage within a 1.06m2 footprint, intuitive touch screen interface for access to vital freezer information, and on-board computer and USB port for data storage and exchange. The TSX freezer is now available in Europe in a 50 Hz version.

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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