C165 Jokoh 01

Ultrasound tissue processor

Developed for histopathology applications, the Histra-GT utilizes ultrasound to allow rapid tissue processing and diagnosis in one day. The proper use of ultrasonic energy ensures uniform radiation of the tissue, eliminating uneven processing and distorted cell morphology. The Histra-GT is a rapid processor that requires only 80 minutes to process any tissue less than 3mm thick in one batch processing with 100-cassette capacity, and can also process larger specimens in a shorter time than when using conventional methods. There are 3 modes to processing – rapid processing mode, normal processing mode and rapid preprocessing mode – enabling the instrument to address variations in daily workload. Using the rapid processing mode for biopsy samples, only 80 minutes are required from fixation to paraffin infiltration (including the time for liquid supply and drainage). The normal processing mode enables the user to set the required processing time, including overnight processing. The rapid preprocessing mode allows delipidation of fat tissue and rapid refixing of the half-fixed tissue. A large touch key pad makes for easy operation. A dual safety system is also featured. Volatilized gas does not leak because of active carbon.
The ultrasonic technology not only performs rapid processing of tissue specimens, but also allows high quality staining. The Histra-DC is a processor for recalcification, delipidation and fixation that shortens the processing time to one fifth or one sixth of the time needed for conventional methods, using ultrasonic technology and temperature control. Specimen sizes can vary with the use of the optional specimen cassette basket.
Optimized for use with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded human breast cancer tissue samples, the Histra HER2 FISH kit detects amplification of the HER2/neu gene via fluorescence in situ hybridization. This advanced kit, which utilizes pretreatment of the samples with hydrochloric acid, is very easy to use and involves only six steps, providing very clear results via a strong fluorescence.

Supplier: Jokoh Co Ltd

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