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Urinary free light chain assays for BN™ nephelometric systems

KLoneus®, the TRIMERO’s new generation of Kappa and Lambda Free Light Chain assays, based on polyclonal specific antibodies, have been developed specifically to assay “neat” urine samples on Siemens’ BN™ nephelometric systems, by particle enhanced nephelometric method, with antigen excess control using the pre-reaction feature.
In order to ensure lot to lot traceability, values have been referred to the European Reference Material ERM-DA470k/IFCC (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, IRMM).
KLoneus® results, with excellent repeatability, correlate well with the quantification by densitometry of the Bence Jones proteinuria.
Other available assays for Siemens’ BN™ nephelometric systems include 
C1q Complement, C5 Complement, C3 pro-activator (Factor B), IgD (with pre-reaction feature)


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