C315 IDL UBC Rapid

Urinary POC test for bladder cancer

A urinary cytokeratin test (lateral flow) for bladder cancer is now available. Cytokeratin proteins have been implicated as tumour cell activity markers and have demonstrated clinical utility in different epithelial cell carcinomas. UBC® Rapid is a POC test that measures soluble cytokeratin 8/18 fragments in voided urine. It has been showed to increase the detection of new cases of bladder cancer. UBC Rapid can also be used for surveillance after primary surgery and as predictor of recurrence. Studies have shown that the test is a useful adjunct tool to cystoscopy in the evaluation of patients at risk of bladder cancer. The combination UBC® Rapid/OMEGA Reader increases the sensitivity and specificity, making the test a useful marker to identify bladder cancer patients. The UBC® Rapid does not require expert analysis or laboratory time and provides unambiguous results during the patient visit. Its cost is low compared to cytology.

Supplier: IDL Biotech AB

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