C293 Dirui

Urine microscopy and chemistry analyser

FUS-2000 Urinalysis Hybrid is a unique system integrating urine automatic microscopy and chemical analysis into a single instrument with one sample aspiration. Thanks to a flat flow cytometry technique applied to automatic microscopy, unlike other urine microscopy analysers, the FUS-2000 separates the same types of particles and puts them all in one category to review, allowing much higher linearity. Various strips choices and as many as 14 dry chemistry parameters provide doctors and patients with more diagnostic data. FUS-2000 software is intuitive, well-designed and up-to-date. With flexible and quick response to customers’ request, the software has relatively frequent upgrades with new features. The instrument saves labs space as well as time with its constant throughput of 240t/h in dry chemistry mode and of 120/h in sediments or hybrid mode. In addition, the FUS-2000 features extremely quiet operation.

Supplier: Dirui Industrial Co Ltd

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