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Urine Oxalate assay

BioSystems launches a new reagent for the measurement of oxalate (oxalic acid) in urine. Oxalate is an end product of metabolism, predominantly derived from the breakdown of glyoxylate and glycine. It is eliminated entirely by urine and only about 15% of urinary oxalate is derived directly from dietary sources. Hyperoxaluria is a powerful promoter of calcium oxalate stone formation. An increased excretion of oxalate in urine may occur as a result of an excessive ingestion of oxalate-rich foods, because of malabsorption due to different gastrointestinal disorders (enteric hyperoxaluria) or because of an inborn error of metabolism (primary hyperoxaluria). Low oxalate values in urine are associated with hyperglycinemia or hyperglycinuria. BioSystems introduces this method (Oxalate Oxidase/Peroxidase – differential bireagent) in dedicated presentation for A15 and A25 analysers (code 12539: 1x25mL, 20 tests). It is calibrated using its own standard included in the kit. The kit also includes 20 pretreatment tubes which are also available separately in 100-unit packs (Oxalate Pretreatments Reagents: code 11839).

Supplier: BioSystems

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