C336 Cellavision PRO

Web-based proficiency testing of blood differential cell counting

CellaVision Proficiency Software is a sophisticated web-based program for proficiency testing of blood and body fluid differentials. The program makes it easy to routinely conduct proficiency testing while saving valuable time and resources. This ensures high quality throughout the organization and the ability to retain and improve valuable morphology expertise. CellaVision Proficiency Software provides a platform for both internal and external quality control and can be used by individual laboratories, integrated health networks, universities, as well as external quality assurance organizations. The program is quick to set up and easy to use and can be accessed from any computer and any location. Slides, CBC data, scatterplots and other patient data can be uploaded from multiple locations to one shared account and used to create proficiency tests. Once completed, test results are automatically generated, providing the test group with instant feedback to promote independent learning.

Supplier: CellaVision AB

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