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Ziath introduces high resolution single tube reader

Ziath Uno single tube reader

Ziath has released their new ‘Uno single tube reader’ – a powerful device packed with features to make sample management work with 2D barcoded tubes easier and faster.

Measuring 66 x 53.5 x 51.5 millimetres – the rugged new tube reader features a high-resolution camera capable of reading 2D barcodes from any currently available tube on the market including 384-well tubes. Simply hold the tube to the scanner window and the code is instantly displayed.

Affordably priced, the Uno single tube reader also has an optional capability to read Brooks Acoustix tubes.

The reader can be supplied with or without optional cryoprotection to enable trouble-free scanning of tubes taken straight from cold storage.

The USB 3 device acts as a Microsoft Keyboard Wedge and inserts the barcode into any open programme on the desktop. The enhanced drivers allow the Uno to be ready to read immediately with no lag time and  allows adjustment of the camera for changes in contrast between different manufacturers’ tubes.