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Ziath issues guide for common 2D barcode scanning problems and how to prevent them

2D barcoded tubes are a de facto standard for high integrity sample management. However, while 2D barcoded tubes offer excellent performance, to get the most from them requires a good knowledge of common 2D barcode scanning problems and how to prevent them. A 20-page guide from Ziath provides informative solutions to the most encountered scanning issues including poor barcode contrast, ice on surfaces, tubes in compatible racks, wrong barcode type and coping with barcodes printed too close to
the tube edge.

Additional expert guidance is provided with five useful tips on how to choose between push caps and screw caps to best maintain the integrity of your samples.

For labs already using Ziath sample management products the guide additionally details how to get the most out of your Ziath tube scanner and how to improve recording, managing, and recalling sample data using the company’s powerful Samples software.

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Download the guide here: