Forum Labo Paris March 2023

Ziath launches DP5 Mobile enabling remote control of tube barcode readers and scanners

Ziath has launched a new version of their popular DP5 Network application that enables tube barcode readers and scanners to be remote controlled from a smart phone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection.

Powered by the very latest software tools – DP5 Mobile delivers unmatched speed and accuracy when decoding barcoded tube racks combined with a new user interface optimised for mobile devices. DP5 Mobile unchains you from the lab bench, allowing you to operate a tube scanner anywhere on your LAN from your own tablet or smart phone, even when you are visiting your compound stores or freezers.

Designed for ease-of-use, the DP5 Mobile application allows you to download and open result files plus share these files not only by email but by any application your phone or tablet offers. To enhance productivity, a new scan result page brings together everything you need on one screen. Special functionality for mobile devices includes larger scan images, image zooming, selected tube highlighting and you can now see the auto exported results plus scan time questions and answers.

DP5 Mobile is fast and secure. It enables the export of tube positions and barcodes in a wide range of formats, including: JSON, XLS, CSV, Text, PDF, PNG and Python.

While any camera-based reader or scanner can be upgraded to run DP5 Standard software, only Ziath DataPaq Express and DataPaq Mirage 2D-barcode rack readers can be currently supplied with LAN adaptors and RJ45 connectors to run the new DP5 Mobile software.