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Ziath to showcase new Handheld 3 and LUX devices for sample management at Analytica 2022

Ziath will launch two new sample management products – Handheld 3 and LUX – at Analytica 2022 in Munich, Germany (21-24 June).

Designed for easy portability, the new Handheld 3 is a compact and powerful device for reading single 2D bar-coded tubes and editing or updating the sample information, adding extra details, or changing locations in a connected LIMS or database software. Connection by Wi-Fi allows the Handheld 3 to quickly update your inventory and can also give you an interactive picklist of tubes you need to withdraw from your store. 

LUX is a new portable whole rack barcode reader that scans and decodes a 96-well rack of 2D barcoded tubes in under a second and sends the data wirelessly to your laptop, tablet, or phone.

Other Ziath products on show at Analytica will include the Cyclops low light barcode reader, the Uno single tube reader and the latest version of the company’s web based DP5 2D rack decoding software.