Zika virus assay

The Aptima Zika Virus diagnostic assay is now CE marked in Europe for the detection and diagnosis of the Zika virus in patients at risk of exposure to Zika or with signs and symptoms of the virus. The Aptima Zika Virus assay is a molecular diagnostic test that identifies the presence of Zika RNA in human serum, plasma and urine specimens, that can be used up to 14 days following the onset of symptoms. The Aptima Zika Virus assay is the latest Hologic test designed to run on the company’s Panther system, a market-leading, integrated platform that fully automates all aspects of nucleic acid amplification testing. By reducing hands-on time, the Panther system helps to minimize labour needs and the potential for manual errors. 

Supplier: Hologic, Inc. (Headquarter)

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