DIASOURCE CLI OCT 200x200 Visuels 5piliers Antibodies

Antibodies for IVD applications

Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are important components of CE-marked IVD reagents used in diagnosis of diseases and follow-up of treatment. DIAsource Immunoassays, a BioVendor group company, recently announced the launch of 13 new antibodies for IVD applications: Adiponectin, FABP4, COMP, NT-ProANP, Uromodulin, Soluble Transferrin Receptor, Placental Protein 13, Cathepsin K and Procalcitonin antibodies are now available and offered to the IVD providers for development of Immunoassays. This follows the launches of novel Vitamin D conjugates, Vitamin D dissociation buffers, and antibodies against ACTH, PTH, IGF-1, Testosterone and Progesterone. All these antibodies were developed with special focus on sensitivity, selectivity and stability to ensure long-term supply. They are produced and fully automatically purified under strict ISO 9001 – ISO 13485 conditions. Products are available in purified unconjugated format. Large scale productions can be guaranteed in state-of-the-art facilities. DIAsource is continuously expanding its product portfolio with niche, high valued parameters and these new launches consolidate its actual position on the market, with an enlarged portfolio of proven and performing antibodies for IVD providers.

Supplier: DIAsource ImmunoAssays

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