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Gyros Protein Technologies launches innovative kit for detecting anti-AAV antibodies

Gyros Protein Technologies AB has introduced a new kit designed to streamline the detection of pre-existing antibodies against adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors. The Gyrolab Generic Anti-Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) Kit aims to facilitate qualitative assessment of binding antibodies in both pre-clinical and clinical settings, supporting the development of AAV-based gene therapies.

Key features of the new kit

The ready-to-use kit is optimised for detecting total binding anti-capsid antibodies against commonly used AAV serotypes.
It offers several advantages over existing methods:
• Eliminates the need for serotype-specific assay development
• Does not require capsid labelling, reducing variability
• Utilises small quantities of viral capsids, preserving drug volumes
• Compatible with all Gyrolab systems

Streamlining the screening process

The kit’s automation capabilities on Gyrolab systems offer significant benefits to clinical laboratory scientists:
• Reduced variability due to manual pipetting
• Accelerated workflows with results available within 90 minutes
• Decreased assay development time

Expanding applications in gene therapy development

Mark Vossenaar, General Manager of the Biopharma­ceutical Development Division at Gyros Protein Technologies, commented on the kit’s potential impact: “The new Gyrolab Generic Anti-AAV Kit is tailored to meet customer needs in the bioanalysis of AAV-based gene therapeutics, focusing on efficiency, resource, and time-savings.

This innovative addition expands our portfolio of ready-to-use kits, providing a rapid, cost-effective solution for the detection of total binding antibodies without necessitating serotype-specific assay development or extensive optimization.”

Implications for gene therapy research

The introduction of this kit represents a significant advancement in the field of AAV-based gene therapies. By enabling more efficient screening for pre-existing immunity, researchers can:

• Make more informed decisions regarding patient stratification
• Potentially improve the efficacy of gene therapy delivery
• Accelerate the development of novel gene therapies

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