Leading diagnostics supplier offers rapid test platform

MP Diagnostics (a division of MP Biomedicals) has 30 years in the diagnostics industry, we offer a wide range of products including ELISAs, Immunoblots, Point-of-Care Tests, Molecular Diagnostics and analyser solutions. MP Diagnostics also specializes in infectious disease diagnostics and have continuously developed high quality products to meet the demands of global organizations and institutions. The MULTISURE and ASSURE Range of Point-of-Care-Tests has enabled rapid and accurate testing for diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis C and Hepatitis E.

The MULTISURE and ASSURE Rapid Tests are equipped with MP Biomedicals’ patented reverse flow technology which enhances sensitivity and specificity. This unique technology enables the MULTISURE platform to contain multiple test lines within one cassette. With multiple lines as compared with the traditional single line lateral flow rapid test, each test line will give the user additional information which may help to make critical decisions for the treatment of the patients.

The MULTISURE HIV-1/2 Rapid Test is a novel medical device from the laboratories of MP Biomedicals based in Singapore. The MULTISURE HIV-1/2 Rapid Test is able to detect and differentiate HIV-1 and HIV-2. This is achieved through the 4 different test lines that are striped onto the membrane of the device. Each test line indicates the positivity of antibodies to HIV-1 and/or HIV-2.

The MULTISURE HCV Antibody Assay is a Point-of-Care Test that helps to detect HCV antibodies to antigen that is striped onto the membrane. Each of the four test lines gives the user additional information with regards to the staging of the disease and in turn helps healthcare professionals to treat the patient accordingly.

As the first company to isolate and clone the Hepatitis E Virus, MP Biomedicals will continue to strive to be the benchmark for HEV diagnosis worldwide. The ASSURE HEV IgM Rapid Test is the go-to test for HEV diagnosis; with just one test line, this rapid test is simple to perform, easy to interpret and takes only 15 minutes to results.
MP Diagnostics’ ASSURE Reader and ASSURE Palm Reader are developed for use with the MULTISURE and ASSURE range of rapid tests and are fully integrated instruments designed for your institution’s needs. The MP ASSURE readers complements the reading and documentation of results for both laboratory and point-of-care settings; with the latest upgrade in software, the MP ASSURE readers’ integration to management systems would be seamless for all users.