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Precision temperature control for laboratory samples

Torrey Pines Scientific has introduced a new chilling and heating dry bath designed for precise temperature control in clinical laboratory settings. The EchoTherm™ Model IC50 offers a range of features tailored to the needs of molecular biology and other laboratory applications.

Accurate sample temperature monitoring

The device utilises Peltier technology and includes a temperature probe that can be inserted directly into samples or the sample block. This allows for exact temperature control and monitoring, with the unit able to maintain temperatures within ±0.1°C of the set point.

Versatile applications

The Model IC50 can freeze, chill or heat samples across a temperature range of -10.0°C to 110.0°C. It accommodates a variety of laboratory containers, including:
• Assay plates
• Centrifuge tubes
• Vials
• Test tubes

This versatility makes it suitable for numerous molecular biology procedures, such as hybridisations, PCR sample preparation, ligations, and enzyme reactions.

Key features

The device offers several advanced features:
– Digital display and control of temperature to 0.1°C
– Countdown timer programmable up to 30 days
– Surface hot indicator lamp for safety
– Built-in data logger
– RS232 I/O port for computer control and data recording

Compact design with customisation options

Measuring 165 mm wide by 222 mm deep by 89 mm tall, the Model IC50 is designed for efficient use of laboratory space. It comes with a 100-watt chiller/heater module, universal power supply, AC line cord, and instructions.

Over 30 standard sample blocks are available as accessories, with custom blocks available for specific container types within a three-week turnaround time.

Torrey Pines EchoTherm


The EchoTherm Model IC50 meets ETL, CSA, and CE compliance standards, ensuring its suitability for use in regulated laboratory environments.

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