Shimazdu online TOC analyzer

Shimadzu releases online TOC analyzer designed for pure water applications

Shimazdu online TOC analyzer


The first analyzer in the world to use an excimer lamp /
Minimum footprint, highly sensitive, environment-friendly /
Targeting precision manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors

Shimadzu, one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, has released the TOC-1000e, the first analyzer in the eTOC series of on-line TOC analyzers designed for pure water applications. The eTOC series’ main focus is on miniaturization, high sensitivity and a mercury-free oxidation technique. The pioneering TOC-1000e system has the world’s smallest and lightest cabinet and provides high-sensitivity detection, making it ideal for fields requiring high-purity water applications. This covers manufacturing, including pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, food & beverages, chemistry and precision equipment.

Total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers are used to rapidly quantify organic substances in water, allowing decisive process intervention. Among many fields of application, they are used mainly for water quality control and environmental investigations. Shimadzu’s world-leading TOC analyzers are well-suited to laboratory and on-line analysis of environmental and waste water. The eTOC series will be Shimadzu’s first on-line TOC analyzer designed especially for pure water measurements.

Minimum footprint, highly sensitive, environmental-friendly

The TOC-1000e provides enhanced robustness in the ultra-low measurement range. With its small footprint of less than A4 size, it can be installed flexibly – either as table-top, wall-mounted or pole-mounted.

Conventional TOC analyzers for pure water utilize mercury UV lamps as the light source within the instrument. To provide a more environmental-friendly alternative, the eTOC series is the first analyzer in the world to use an excimer (short for ‘excited dimer’) lamp rather than a mercury lamp.

The “Active-Path” flow line design maximizes lamp power by integrating the sample flow channel and the light source. This minimizes sample residue in the flow channel and eliminates interfering air layers, so high sensitivity is maintained over long-term use. This new design also contributes to making the eTOC series instruments small and light.


The TOC-1000e combines high-sensitivity and easy-to-use features benefiting effortless data management, efficiency and handling.

Some of the features include:

  • State-of-the-art oxidation technology in the smallest casing
    The TOC-1000e provides high sensitivity with a detection limit of 0.1 μg/L. It is housed in the world’s smallest and lightest cabinet and equipped with the industry’s largest color touch panel, providing exceptional visibility, simplifying operation and allowing effortless management of compliance relevant data. In addition, the novel fluid system minimizes sample residue in the flow channel, ensuring that high sensitivity is maintained.
  • Easy-to-use and to maintain design improves efficiency
    The eTOC series has a simple design, and parts typically do not need to be replaced for one year; this increases efficiency by reducing maintenance and re-validation effort. Consumable parts (excimer lamp and pump head) can be removed and installed without tools. Using an optional sampler, the analyzer can be calibrated or validated (confirmation of manufacturing process validity) at the operating site. Certified standard solutions particularly for this series are available; they save customers the time and expense of purchasing and preparing items from a reagent manufacturer, and reduce mistakes caused by human error. In addition to analog interface and digital I/O, measurement data can be output to a printer or USB flash drive, or browsed and acquired via a built-in web server.
  • Support for Regulatory Compliance
    eTOC’s highly sensitive UV oxidation-conductivity method for ultra-pure water monitoring is compliant with regulatory requirements such as the United States (USP) and the European Pharmacopeia (EP). Inbuilt security functions including user authentication and audit trail, support compliance with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11. The LabSolutions software platform provides integrated management of the measurement data together with data and electronic signature functions (ER/ES) from laboratory TOC analyzers and other analytical instruments.

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