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UNIQO 160 | AI-powered automation revolutionises IFA testing

The UNIQO 160, an advanced automation system for indirect immunofluorescence assays (IFA), now incorporates AI-based evaluation of results. This innovation enables complete walkaway automation from primary sample to result proposal, significantly enhancing efficiency and standardisation in IFA analysis.

The device performs all steps of the IFA process, including sample preparation, incubation, washing, slide mounting, image acquisition and result evaluation. With a capacity to handle up to 160 samples and 18 slides per run, the compact benchtop system offers flexible loading of controls, buffers, conjugate and mounting medium.

Enhanced traceability and precision

Integrated barcode scanners ensure quick loading, correct assignment and complete traceability of all items throughout the process. The system’s three-needle configuration provides efficient pipetting of samples, reagents and mounting medium, while an integrated high-quality microscope unit with automatic focus and three automatically changing objectives (4x, 10x, 20x) guarantees brilliant fluorescence images.


AI-powered result interpretation

Result proposals are generated using the EUROPattern Classifier, which employs deep convolutional neural networks to differentiate positive and negative results, classify fluorescence patterns and suggest titres for various cell and tissue substrates. The Classifier supports applications for ANA, ANCA, anti-dsDNA, anti-endomysium IgA, anti-LKM, anti-PLA2R and anti-THSD7A antibodies. Notably, the ANA pattern classification aligns with criteria from the International Consensus on Antinuclear Antibody Patterns (ICAP).

Seamless integration with laboratory information systems

The Classifier integrates with the EUROLab­Office 4.0 management software, which consolidates all results into comprehensive patient reports. Continuous bidirectional communication with the laboratory information system (LIS) ensures secure, traceable and rapid data exchange, facilitating smooth laboratory operations and efficient data management.

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