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Waters launches Alliance iS Bio HPLC System to help biopharma QC Labs increase efficiency and reduce errors

Waters Corporation has launched the Alliance iS Bio HPLC System with new capabilities that address the operational and analytical challenges of biopharma quality control (QC) laboratories.

The new HPLC system combines advanced bio-separation technology and built-in instrument intelligence features. It is designed to help biopharma QC analysts boost efficiency and eliminate up to 40% of common errors, saving time lost by investigating the source of failed runs and out-of-specification results. The bio-inert design of the instrument features Waters MaxPeak HPS Technology applied to key internal components including the system flow path to reduce unwanted interactions from metal-adsorbing analytes. The system pairs with Waters QuanRecovery Vials and Plates, as well as MaxPeak Premier HPLC Columns with eConnect Column Tag Technology, allowing for more confident platform methods that eliminate the need for lengthy column conditioning and method development.

“Many of the challenges that impact productivity and revenues for QC labs come from human error. We collaboratively developed the Alliance iS Bio HPLC System with our customers to address daily routine challenges and help meet more stringent and evolving compliance requirements while working to achieve shorter product release timelines,” said Fraser McLeod, Vice President, General Manager, QA/QC, Waters Corporation. “We built every feature of this powerful HPLC platform, including the use of bio-inert surface technology at key sample touchpoints, with simplicity, sophistication and efficiency in mind, to help biopharma QC labs save time and money.”

The Alliance iS Bio HPLC System also combines with Waters compliance-ready Empower Chromatography Software to help laboratories collect, manage, and report chromatography test results. It integrates seamlessly with Waters and third-party liquid chromatography instruments to help high-volume QC labs manage operational risk, mitigate disruptions, and increase overall productivity.

The Alliance iS Bio HPLC System is now available globally.

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